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SALA punzoni

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The company Sala Punzoni was founded in 1966 and specializes in the production of extrusion needles and male dies. These products are used mainly in the screws and fasteners -related industries , as well as in the field of stamping technology. The products are manufactured in a highly advanced operating using the latest CNC technology. Sala pins are many well-known European and non-European producers in use for years.
SALA punzoni

Carlo Salvi Hatebur

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Your competent partner for horizontal cold and hotformers - Hatebur is a global leader in the development and marketing of high-quality forming machines and tools, which are used to manufacture precision metal parts in large quantities. Founded in 1930 as a family enterprise, we have produced a number of groundbreaking products, which in turn have led to milestones being set in the history of modern massive forming. Through a combination of our pioneering spirit, decades of experience, and modern technological processes coupled with our outstanding service provision, we have worked to produce innovative solutions with an established tradition, setting new standards in terms of quality. Preferred by demanding customers, who supply mainly to the automotive, roller bearing and fastener industries, Hatebur is now the leading source of ­fully-automatic horizontal part formers. We are a Swiss company with subsidiaries and agencies around the world, enabling us to be close to our customers.
Carlo Salvi Hatebur

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