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SALA punzoni

Logo SALA punzoni

The company Sala Punzoni was founded in 1966 and specializes in the production of extrusion needles and male dies. These products are used mainly in the screws and fasteners -related industries , as well as in the field of stamping technology. The products are manufactured in a highly advanced operating using the latest CNC technology. Sala pins are many well-known European and non-European producers in use for years.
SALA punzoni

Carlo Salvi Hatebur

Logo hatebur

Your competent partner for horizontal cold and hotformers - Hatebur is a global leader in the development and marketing of high-quality forming machines and tools, which are used to manufacture precision metal parts in large quantities. Founded in 1930 as a family enterprise, we have produced a number of groundbreaking products, which in turn have led to milestones being set in the history of modern massive forming. Through a combination of our pioneering spirit, decades of experience, and modern technological processes coupled with our outstanding service provision, we have worked to produce innovative solutions with an established tradition, setting new standards in terms of quality. Preferred by demanding customers, who supply mainly to the automotive, roller bearing and fastener industries, Hatebur is now the leading source of ­fully-automatic horizontal part formers. We are a Swiss company with subsidiaries and agencies around the world, enabling us to be close to our customers.
Carlo Salvi Hatebur

Tecno Impianti

Logo Tecnoimpianti-Italy

Since 1979, designs and builds Tecno Impianti S.r.l. factory Valgreghentino various wire drawing machines and accessories for the screw and connecting parts industry and the chain works and is one of the most renowned providers in the market. Wire drawing machines SKP - around the wire or to pull the chain machines directly in line with cold extrusion. Advantages:

  • 1. Material cost savings : one uses wire rod or semi-finished instead drawn wire.
  • 2. Improved processability of the material since it becomes easy preheated introduced into the press.
  • 3. Larger tool life : the wire is drawn immediately before the press ; so superficial damage is avoided , which are caused during transport.
  • 4. Elimination of the problem of hardening by aging (stainless steel).
  • 5. Low cost: the machine setter also operates Vorziehmaschine and running costs , such as Wearing and consumption of drawing dies and lubricant are very low.n
  • 6. Better production : The machine pulls no longer directly from reel one , so the wear of the wire feeder is significantly reduced , different Coilabmessungen have no more influence on the press. The problem of short sections can also be minimized.
  • 7. Lower inventories : The use of wire , the wire stock can be significantly reduced.
  • Tecno Impianti can supply a wide range of wire drawing machines . It designs and builds 16 basic models for wires from 2 to 35 mm , which can be individually adapted to customer's requirements . All machines are supplied with variable pull rate.

Motorized horizontal liquidators Typ AP – to run to wires of medium and large diameter in line with cold extrusion wire drawing machines SKP or wire drawing monoblocs Type MO / P and vorzurichten. The wire can thus easily run into above equipment. The liquidators are available in 3 basic models. Each model is also available in the version with two supporting arms feasible and can be equipped with various accessories such as rotating basis, ripper, additional set of straightening rollers etc.

Wire drawing monoblocs with horizontal axis Typ MO/P – an alternative solution for the Drahtvorziehen before cold extrusion. In this case, the wire is pulled by a separate horizontal monoblock and wound on the crown blocks, these can then be taken to a press. Tecno Impianti builds 4 basic models for different wire diameters. This drawing blocks can even be equipped with a winding machine and a packaging machine belt , this is particularly useful accessory for the production of wound and bound coils of medium and large wire sizes that can be subsequently placed on motorized horizontal unwinder type AP.

Wire drawing monoblocs with vertical axis Typ MV – for the " out of line " wire drawing of small and medium wire diameters. The wire is wound on a crown Stock , which is later found right outside the machine.

Pointing machines Typ AT – mainly to sharp wire ends by rolling so that the wires can be later easily threaded into the die. Tecno Impianti builds 9 models , with either two or four roll forming.

Hydraulic rammers Typ T – to wires with medium and larger diameters easy to sharpen , if it is difficult to reduce the wire end with traditional methods. The machine is available in 3 different models , depending on the largest inlet diameter. The system will be installed directly in line with the wire drawing machine.

Feeding and straightening unit Type PR – installed before wire drawing , wire drawing Mono Block or cold extrusion , if there is vertical overhead sequences without insertion and straightening rollers . They simplify the introduction of the pre- aligned wire in the subsequent machine. They are in different models , depending on the wire diameter , available.

Feeding and straightening unit Typ PR-skp – installed at the exit of Drahtvorziehmaschine that works with medium and large wire diameters ; they are used to guide the drawn wire to the feed rollers of cold extrusion press.

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